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Over 35 years of hands on experience working with facilities; energy management systems, building automation systems, web based system integration, complex mechanical systems,commissioning, electrical distribution, lighting control, and HVAC systems operations.

We cut our teeth on the ownership side of the business with operating engineering of large facilities; medical office buildings, large hospitals, universities, colleges, school districts, military bases, regional and national accounts with thousands of BAS systems remotely monitored and controlled accross the USA, retail malls, "five diamond" resort hotels, and high rise office buildings, including state of the art critical data centers for international finance and data farming for the Fortune 100 companies. We gained a unique ability to really see, and understand how all of these systems worked together, rather than just on paper. This experience taught us to put the "value" back into value engineering.

Our performance earns us the "trusted advisors" relationship with our clients, and they ask us to expand into consulting, court expert witness, pre litigation legal consulting relating to these very "special" BAS related legal cases, in energy related cases, design, specification writing, and into actually installing, and maintaining their different automation systems. Long before it became the standard, we were deploying web based "Iot" remote monitoring , combined with excellent customer staff support, we became geographically virtual in our delivery.

The services we provide are always in demand by the clients that understand how important and cost effective it is to design, install, and maintain top quality facilities and systems.

Over the years we have developed internal systems and procedures that have allowed us to be very proactive when we support our clients. The multiple decades of experience we have with system design, installation, and maintenance issues, has positioned us with a truly unique level of "real life - hands on" experience that brings clear cut reliable solutions to problems.

Experience, training, skill, equals wisdom, which when combined with a deep desire to exceed our clients expectations is what has allowed us to continue to grow. The fact that we actually enjoy what we do, just makes it better!

Call us today to see how we can help you (909) 580-0673.